Excursion Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj - Sahel Découverte

The Djoudj Birds National Park



1/2 day

Departure in the morning at 8 am from Saint-Louis to reach the Djoudj (3rd bird sanctuary in the world).

After the entry formalities, you will be able to see during the 7 km of tracks which separate from the pier, warthogs, monitor lizards and some birds.

Then we will embark on dugouts for a tour of the backwater.

Observation of thousands of pelicans, African cormorants, ducks … with a little luck of small crocodiles on the bank. Return at 1 p.m.

1 day

The departure for the excursion to the Djoudj National Bird Park will be at 7 am for the delight of the early risers. The circuit will begin with a classic canoe ride; with your binoculars you will be able to see: white egret, cormorant, African eagle, warthog, pelican, etc.

If you’re lucky, a crocodile might even stick its head out of the water to scare you! Then, you will go for a walk and visit the various observation points of the park such as the big lake or the watchtowers that allow you to observe pink flamingos. A passionate guide will teach you the well-kept secrets of Djoudj which are not on the agenda of many visitors.

In the shade of a Guent observation post, you will stop to enjoy a good picnic. In the early afternoon, you will resume the road and you will make a first stop near a small village for a last hike in the less scorching sun, which will be followed by a second stop by the river for an aperitif at the Lampsar lodge. You can enjoy fresh fruit juice, a cold beer or just water with fresh air that will bring the temperature down. Around 5/6 p.m. you will be back in the old colonial island, Saint-Louis.

Optional: during the dugout canoe trip in the Djoudj, you can privatize your dugout canoe to enjoy the landscape in a small group. Consult us for the supplement.


Take advantage of preferential rates negotiated with our partners.

For a personalized quote, group rates or any special request, please complete the form below:


  • For 4 people:        € 50 per person (1/2 day) or   € 85 per person (1 day)
  • For 3 people:        € 65 per person (1/2 day) or   € 100 per person (1 day)
  • For 2 people:        € 85 per person (1/2 day) or   € 130 per person (1 day)


Note: The Djoudj Birds National Park closes during the wintering (May to October).


These prices include:

  • Vehicle and transport between Saint-Louis and Djoudj
  • Driver-guide (French-speaking guide and official Park guide for the 1-day option)
  • Entrance to the Natural Park
  • Canoe not privatized
  • Picnic with drinks and aperitif at Lampsar Lodge (for the 1 day option)

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