Transfer by the Beach


Transfer Dakar – Saint-Louis (or Saint-Louis – Dakar) by the beach.

By 4×4 vehicle, from Kayar, Lac Rose, or from your hotel, Sahel Découverte offers you to follow the ocean by driving on the beach, to reach Saint-Louis and your hotel.

Witness the flight of thousands of birds, during these more than 200 km you will feel alone in the world, taking the route of the Paris-Dakar rally-raid. Live this unique experience thanks to Sahel Découverte.

Please note: departure times depend on the ocean tide. Consult us before.


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  • For  2 people:                         €115 net per person
  • For 3 people:                          €82 net per person
  • For 4 people:                          €65 net per person
  • For 5 people or more:          €55 net per person

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