Bandia Animal Reserve & Lac Rose




Departure from the hotel in an all-terrain vehicle for the Bandia reserve located about 30 minutes from Saly. Consisting of 1000 hectares, in the heart of a baobab forest, animals can evolve in total freedom and safety.

Opened in 1997, this preserved place will allow you to observe with a certified park guide giraffes, white rhinos, oryx, impalas, Cape elands, Derby elands, warthogs, buffaloes, golden jackals, crocodiles, green monkeys… A wide variety of birds can also be observed on the savannah and around the water point: small red-billed hornbills, gray herons, African eagles…

Then departure for the Lac Rose where lunch is planned. The lake was born from a lagoon, which a movement of the dunes, along the sea, ended up closing in the 15th century. It is located a few hundred meters from the ocean, in the middle of a landscape of dunes and scrubland. Its peculiarity is quite exceptional, it is pink when the sun is overhead and at dusk, the pink darkens to take on nuanced shades of mauve or violet.

In addition to its color, its high salinity (300 gr/liter) places it in second position after the Dead Sea. Everything floats there. This saline concentration allows women from the surrounding villages to directly extract the salt that settles at the bottom of the lake. The visit to the salt pans will allow you to witness the extraction of salt by the Fulani women from the surrounding villages. This exploitation, using picks, is a boon that supports a large number of families. Then, a ride in an all-terrain vehicle on the sand dunes surrounding the lake, guaranteed sensations. Return to the hotel.


Benefit from preferential rates negotiated with our partner (starting from – rates vary depending on the date).

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  • For 4 people:           € 100 net per person
  • For 3 people:           € 120  net per person
  • For 2 people:           € 160 net per person

These prices include:

  • Air-conditioned vehicle with driver-guide
  • Entrance fees to the reserve and visit with park guide
  • 4×4 in the dunes
  • Lunch at Lac Rose

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