The Bandia Animal Reserve




Departure from the hotel in an off-road vehicle for the Bandia reserve located about 30 minutes from Saly. Consisting of 1000 hectares, in the heart of a baobab forest, animals can evolve there in total freedom and safety. Opened in 1997, this preserved place will allow you to observe with a certified park guide giraffes, white rhinoceros, oryx, impalas, Cape elands, Derby elands, warthogs, buffaloes, golden jackals, crocodiles, green monkeys…

A wide variety of birds can also be observed on the savannah and around the water point: small red-billed hornbills, ash herons, African eagles… This walk will also allow you to discover religious relics: a griot’s tomb in a hollow baobab and Serer pyramids.


Benefit from preferential rates negotiated with our partner (starting from – rates vary depending on the date).

For a personalized quote or any specific request, please fill out the contact form on the contact page.

  • For 4 people:                                                          € 50 net per person

  • For 3 people:                                                          € 60 net per person

  • For 2 people:                                                          € 80 net per person

  • Additional lunch supplement if interested:  € 22 net per person

These prices include:

  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Driver-guide
  • Safari and reserve guide

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