Tour of the Island of Saint-Louis by Pirogue or Speedboat




Boarding at the Flamingo pontoon in the city center, for a tour of the island passing by the fishing district of Guet Ndar, located on the Langue de Barbarie passing in front of the large pirogues.

These, designed to allow fishermen to spend several months at sea, are equipped with kitchens, dormitories and large coolers for product preservation.

A slow progression of the walk shows us the contrast between the overcrowded fishing village and the Sindoné and Lodo districts, where the old settlers were located.


Benefit from preferential rates negotiated with our partner (starting from – rates vary depending on the date).

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  • For 4 people:         € 16 net per person (for the speedboat rate, please consult us)
  • For 3 people:         € 22 net per person (for the speedboat rate, please consult us)
  • For 2 people:         € 32 net per person (for the speedboat rate, please consult us)

These prices include:

  • Pirogue or Speedboat
  • Captain-guide

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