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Gorée Island & Lac Rose




Departure in the morning for the port of Dakar. The boat will take you to the island of Gorée after 20 minutes. Gorée is an island steeped in history and marked by the sad slave trade.

Visit the Fort d’Estrée which now houses the Historical Museum, visit the House of Slaves, walk on the cliff of the island called Castel where you can see the monument of the Gorée Almadies Memorial.

Stroll through the charming alleys of the island, lined with houses dating back to the colonial era. Then departure for Lac Rose where lunch is planned.

The lake was born from a lagoon, which a movement of the dunes, along the sea, finally closed in the 15th century. It is located a few hundred meters from the ocean, in the middle of a landscape of dunes and bush. Its peculiarity is quite exceptional, it is pink when the sun is level and at dusk, the pink darkens until it takes on nuanced shades of mauve or purple.

Besides its color, its high salinity (300 gr / liter) places it in second position after the Dead Sea. Everything floats there. This salt concentration allows women from surrounding villages to directly extract the salt which settles at the bottom of the lake. Visiting the salt flats will allow you to witness the extraction of salt by the Fulani women from the surrounding villages. This exploitation, by means of peaks, is a windfall which supports a large number of families. Then, ride in an all-terrain vehicle on the sand dunes surrounding the lake, guaranteed sensations. Return to the hotel.


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  • For 4 people:       € 75 net per person
  • For 3 people:       € 85 net per person
  • For 2 people:       € 110 net per person


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  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • 4×4 in the dunes
  • Local lunch
  • A / R crossing in a rowboat
  • Entrance to the House of Slaves

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